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November 19, 2013
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[CRMY] sara by minirii [CRMY] sara by minirii

IM UPDATING HER INFO SO GO AWAY PLS :icondojimathumbsupplz:


:bulletpink: Birth Name :bulletpink:

Sara Peyton St. Brian

:bulletgreen: Stage Name :bulletgreen:

Strawberry Swinger 

:bulletyellow: Nicknames :bulletyellow:

Strawberry face, Stripper, Short-stuff, etc.

:bulletpink: D/O/B :bulletpink:

August 1st, 1988 in New Bedford, MA.

:bulletgreen: Age :bulletgreen:

Twenty six (she's old).

:bulletyellow: Branch :bulletyellow:

Sprinkles; she's the captain a.k.a. all she does is sit around in an office all day.

:bulletpink: Flavour :bulletpink:


:bulletgreen: Appearance :bulletgreen:

Sara is a healthy young lady, with naturally glowing skin, freckles and a head of honey blond hair (that can be seen in a plethora of styles). Her eyes are vividly green (they were once described as "sparkling"), and she has a distinct birthmark under her right eye. Her waterlines tend to be red and puffy due to how emotional she gets (aka during chick-flicks and Disney movies). With a short stature of only 5'2, she comes off more as cute than an actual adult woman. 

:bulletyellow: Personality :bulletyellow:

Not giving any hecks as of lately, Sara is pretty chill around most people. The keyword there is most- when she's around close friends (or that butt she's dating), she can be either: laughing obnoxiously, sobbing grossly, or very angsty. She's pretty optimistic most of the time and has a brighter outlook on things because of how she was raised (all she did was watch Disney movies every second of her childhood). 

Sara likes to make jokes a lot, but she isn't that funny.

:bulletpink: Special :bulletpink:

She's a pole dancer. Not an exotic pole dancer; Sara does tricks and acrobatics on dual Chinese poles! She also has a knick for singing and dancing, and will perform a couple songs for some extra tips.

Since business sucks, she hasn't really been performing often. 

:bulletgreen: Likes :bulletgreen:

Strawberries, of course! It isn't just her designated flavour because of her sweet personality. She also likes Disney movies (or any animated movie really; she used to want to become an animator in middle school, but she never ended up pursuing it), coffees and teas, amusement parks, ancient history, any shade of pink, and of course a certain Coffee flavoured co-captain. Her taste of music is well...pretty much anything. She'll listen to music from the 1800s to some new song she hears on Fun 107. Her favourite band, though, is Queen. Her favourite TV show in the history of forever (atleast at the moment) is Breaking Bad. She's just obsessed.

:bulletyellow: Dislikes :bulletyellow:

Gore; this girl bleeds like a madman just from getting a papercut. It sucks. She also doesn't like: the dark (well, when it's pitch black), extreme bass and the headaches that come with it, heartbreak, extremely hot/spicy foods and clam chowder. That stuff is just gross to her. Sara is a bit of a sore loser, and doesn't like to come in last place for anything. 

:bulletpink: Background :bulletpink:

Growing up in a very loving and caring household, Sara's life was actually pretty gosh dang swell. She wasn't overly spoiled and she didn't live in the 'hood' area of her town- what more could you ask for? Elementary school was a breeze, but it was when Sara entered middle school that her life twisted upside down. She hadn't grown taller like the other kids, for one; and a tragic event in her life that she doesn't really like speaking about also occurred. She didn't attend any of her classes for three weeks until her parents begged and bribed her to go back. 

Black nail-polish, band t-shirts and jeans with more holes than swiss cheese was all she wore during middle school. But, middle school is when she discovered her love for animation, so you could say it wasn't a major 'downfall' as she says.

High school seemed like an 'escape' to Sara; maybe she could try and get back to dressing in a more...feminine way, like she used to. So, her first day of freshman year she dropped the black and wore pastels and fun colours; and skirts. Lots of 'em. She also left majority of her middle school friend group (give or take a few) and befriended the band, drama club, show choir and cross country team (she joined all of these---she was always busy every day of the week!). High school was fun! It was so free that she forgot what had happened in her past. It really was a sweet escape.

Once her high school escapade ended, Sara moved onto college where she just went for psychology (she honestly couldn't decide what she wanted to major in, so her mom guided her along the way). But, this is also where she found her current talent today- pole dancing. At first, hell yeah she thought it was stripping, but after trying it out herself she fell in love. It was a new way for her to have fun!

After graduating college with her new degree, she found the Creamery where she worked up to her captain spot she gladly earned.

:bulletgreen: Trivia :bulletgreen:

* Her favourite Disney film by far is Atlantis. Heck, she can quote the whole movie word for word!

* Her top five after Atlantis would have to go (in no specific order): Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, A Goofy Movie, Tangled and Tarzan.

* Sara has this weird thing where she always picks at her nail polish right after it dries.

* She also bites her lip a lot.

* She's mainly Irish, but she's also Portuguese and Swedish.

* She learned how to speak decent Portuguese from her maternal grandmother.

* Her car is her baby; it's a maroon 1966 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

* Sara has an engagement 'I-promise-I'm-thinking-about-marrying-you' ring from Adrian.

* Hates it when Adrian plays Jenga while she's trying to sleep.

* Her hometown isn't the city I live in nope not at all.

For :snowflake:C-R-E-A-M-E-R-Y:snowflake:!

Edit: Redrew her app again because I'm never satisfied.
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